I am a collection of atoms called Jessica Tawczynski.

Right now, I’m curious about black holes, monoliths, atoms, alters, ruins, spirituality, vessels, boxes, perception, architecture, spatial agency, momentum, thunderstorms, doors, windows, gates and portals, language, palimpsests, information and accumulation, critical mass, event horizons, quarks, the magnetic field and the sublime.

Our understanding of the universe is a transformative condition. Like organisms, my work reflects on and inhabits the residual information of an ever developing landscape, only reproducing itself, and challenging preconceived believability. Events form and deconstruct themselves within and on top of the picture plane, in parallel to experimental scientific and philosophical data, and experiential knowledge. Multifaceted frames of time form through the occupation and reconfiguration of space, seemingly accessible and inaccessible at once. The artist resides parallel to the axis of the world, revealing circumstantial mobility.

Tawczynski lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


    "The exhibition, Rhizome, highlights, artist Jessica Tawczynski’s interest in the philosophy of the Rhizome, presented by Deleuze and Guittari. The Rhizome is identified to be something like a root system or a map; something that cannot increase in number without changing in nature, a reality that is always transforming, stuck in a cycling present moment. Tinkering with scientific and philosophical theory, and demonstrating the collaboration between academic and experiential knowledge, Tawczynski creates a visual language that implies an intuitive, transforming kind of logic. Tawczynski’s exhibited work is made of multiple prints. Collaged together, they create and utilize the dialogue of drawing, painting, and print culture. This language is built of interactions across the surface, echoing the movement of a kind of organism, transforming landscape, or systematic structure in which things pop in and out of existence. Rhizome, creates a performative reality, invoking a method of looking that intensifies periods of uncertainty. Ultimately, the work unfolds as an experimental investigation of the nature of things.”

— Excerpt from "Rhizome", Deiglan Gallery, Akureyri, Iceland, 2017